Monday, May 25, 2009

Cubs' Milton Bradley Accuses Umps

Milton Bradley Accuses Umpires of Vast Anti-Milton Bradley Conspiracy

Milton Bradley

Posted May 25, 2009 1:50PM By PAT LACKEY (RSS FEED)

There are a lot of people that would tell you that Milton Bradley's constant run-ins with umpires are no accident. Bradley's hot temper and willingness to speak his mind are just a couple reasons that he's constantly in trouble with the guys in blue. Bradley would agree that his problems with authority aren't an accident, but he thinks it's for a different reason.

No, according to Milton, the reason he's always in trouble with the umps is because the umps are out to get him. He's off to a terrible start with the Cubs, hitting just .188/.310/.333 so far, and he sees vengeful umpires seeking retribution for his bump of Larry Vanover in April as a large part of the reason he's struggling. Seriously.

From today's Chicago Tribune:
"Unfortunately, I just think it's a lot of 'Oh, you did this to my colleague,' or 'We're going to get him any time we can. As soon as he gets two strikes, we're going to call whatever and see what he does. Let's try to ruin Milton Bradley.'


"What am I supposed to do?" he said. "You lead the American League in OPS (in 2008), and two years in the top three in the league in on-base percentage. All of a sudden now, I come to Chicago and I can't see the ball no more? I don't know a strike from a ball?"
Let's see, strained justification for poor performances? Check. Talking in the third person? Check. Complete ignorance of his lack of line drives and general inability to hit the ball out of the infield? Check. Well, this is certainly going to help Bradley endear himself to those mean umpires that are so clearly out to get him.

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