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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boston Bruins rack up some serious penalty minutes and lose to the Canes


By Mike Loftus
The Patriot Ledger


If it’s remembered and discussed today solely for things like coach Claude Julien getting ejected, Zdeno Chara spending 17 consecutive minutes in the penalty box after instigating a fight, and goalie Tuukka Rask skating the length of the ice to challenge Carolina goalie Cam Ward, the point has been missed.

Last night’s 4-1 loss to the Hurricanes was really more a case of the Bruins turning from a team off to a poor start to one that made itself look bad.

“We have to take responsibility for our own actions here,” said Julien, who was at first mystified, then infuriated when he learned he’d been assessed a 10-minute misconduct with just 3:44 remaining.

“What I see is frustration setting in, and the minute we start getting frustrated we lose focus on our game, and then it gets worse and worse. And that’s been a bit of a pattern this year.”

True enough, but the 2-4-0 Bruins had never reacted as they did last night – and their worst behavior was saved for the worst possible time. Although outplayed well into the third period, they cut Carolina’s lead to 2-1 when Rich Peverley scored a power-play goal with 9:01 to play – and then went on to spend most of the time left trying, often unsuccessfully, to kill unnecessary or retaliatory penalties.

“We stuck up for each other; that’s important,” Peverley said. “But at the end of the day we lost the game, and we’re 2-4.”

The Hurricanes iced their second win over the B’s in less than a week with a pair of 5-on-3 goals at 13:26 and 14:58.

The key penalties went against winger Nathan Horton, just 31 seconds after Peverley scored. Angered, as linemate Milan Lucic had been earlier and would be again, by Hurricanes defenseman Jeff Gleason, Horton took four minutes worth of roughing penalties. Chara followed with a high-sticking penalty on Jeff Skinner, and Dennis Seidenberg then ensured that Boston would remain two men short by taking a boarding penalty.

On or around the same time, Brad Marchand (11:49), Lucic (16:16, after an unsuccessful attempt to get Gleason to fight) and then Julien were assessed misconducts.

“When they announced the misconduct on Lucic, I just shook my head,” Julien said. “I guess that was the merit for being kicked out.”

Read more here

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

UMP gets tagged by a pitch

People keep wondering why these guys are so inconsistent with their strike zones. Well, here is why:

yankees vs. tigers game 10/1/11

Sunday, September 4, 2011

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dutch Grandpa Hooligan tries to run over referee with his scooter

The angry would-be hooligan wasn't happy with the performance of Edwin van der Graaf, who handed out six yellow cards to FC Oss in their 4-3 loss to Almere City.

Rather than pen a letter or call to make a complaint, the three-wheeled footy fan took aim at the man in yellow and attempted to run him down.

FC Oss ply their trade in the Dutch second division and are currently 13th.

full story

Thursday, August 18, 2011

(like most of us) Astros' Downs wants umpires held accountable

By C. Trent Rosecrans

Astros infielder Matt Downs vented about the umpires and echoed the thoughts of many fans when he said he wants Major League umpires to be held more accountable for their calls.

"My stats are put in the paper every day, everybody knows if I fail or succeed, and I feel like some kind of action has got to be taken where we realize if a guy's blown a call or not and he's accountable," Downs told Zachary Levine of the Houston Chronicle.

Downs was frustrated after he felt a 3-1 pitch from Diamondbacks closer J.J. Putz was called a strike by umpire CB Bucknor and he felt it was inside. He then struck out swinging on the next pitch for the second out of the ninth inning in an eventual 11-9 Diamondbacks victory.

"I get tired of umpires going back to the hotel and thinking they did a good job on the night and I have to go back to the hotel on a failure night after I feel like I walked 3-1 instead of punching out 3-2," Downs said. "Some kind of action has to be taken on just a bonehead call like that."

Pitch F/X showed the ball was well inside and even Diamondbacks TV announcer Mark Grace was surprised it was called a strike and said, "Oh my goodness, J.J. got a big break there -- and the Diamondbacks. That pitch looked six inches inside. Holy mackerel."

Story can be found at

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Please help Zach fight cancer!

(above) Jim giving Zach his new cane.

Recently donated a Anaheim Ducks Lubomir Visnovsky
hockey stick to an amazing organization called Canes4vets makes canes for people in need out of broken hockey sticks. Owner and founder Jim Pull contacted us on Facebook and told us he needed to make a cane for a 9 year old boy named Zach.

Zach is a Fountain Valley 4th grader whose life changed overnight when doctors at CHOC diagnosed his aching knee as Osteosarcoma. The bone cancer quickly spread. Zach has a long road ahead to fight this aggressive cancer and his medical expenses are extensive and growing. Zach went from being an avid soccer player running the fields in his signature #4 jersey not too long ago, to being very sick spending countless hours at CHOC.

For the months of August & September, will be donating $5 from every t-shirt purchased to Zach's family. Brian Gilmore (owner of said, "we are just glad we could do our part for Zach's family. If everyone who reads this can tell 10 people, imagine what good we could do?"

(above) Zach's cane and some RYS goodies.

Fundraiser for Zach -
July 30th, 2011
Fire Station One
17737 Bushard St.
9am to 11am
Come join Fountain Valley Firefighters Association at Fire Station One for a pancake breakfast fundraiser for Zach Zeissner. The Firefighters will serve pancakes and juice. Donations will be accepted at the event or by mailing your donation to P.O. Box 9200-411, Fountain Valley, CA 92708-9200

To contact Canes4vets
If you want to help out in some way

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ref You Suck presents: Hockey hotties (summer edition)

Time to put all those photos you pervs send in to good use! Enjoy the vids at the end, too ;)

Ducks Ice Girl calendar photo shoot

Panthers Ice Girl calendar photo shoot

Kings Ice Girl calendar photo shoot

and we can't forget everyone's favorite ice girl...

Sean Avery

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jeremy Roenick takes on NHL playoff referees


Think what you will about Jeremy Roenicks commentaries on Versus during the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. I personally like to mute (or fast forward) the TV during intermission!
I'm sure he was hired to be the edgy retired NHL'er opinion that goes against the grain---blahblahblah... He usually doesn't add much to the topics being discussed in my opinion until he said this:

Props to you Mr. Roenick. The officiating in this years NHL Stanley Cup playoffs have been awful. Half the games they seem to be calling anything while the other half they seem to ignore EVERYTHING. The League needs to somehow make these guys accountable for their inconsistency. There is nothing more frustrating than watching the stripes give one side all the calls. Maybe if more of these commentators and announcers started to speak up, the outraged fans would start to act on it. Disgusted fans won't by NHL merch or buy tickets to the games. Keep pissing of the fans and you'll see what happens. More empty arenas and more teams claiming BK.

C'mon Bettman- This is why you make the big bucks.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Proof that NHL officiating is giving the series to Chicago have recently posted an article where Vancouver General Manager Mike Gillis is quoted at length. Gillis has made statements regarding what he views as biased or incorrect officiating in the series between the Vancouver Canucks and the Chicago Blackhawks.

According to Gillis: "we're going to be very hard-pressed to win hockey games if throughout an entire series when the score is tight, (the Blackhawks) get 75 percent more power plays than we do."

He continued: "You look at the game (Sunday) night, you guys all watched it, you don't need me to comment about what occurred in that hockey game. But when you break down the video, there are some extraordinary plays to explain given what's gone on."

"The Torres hit was determined to be an interference call. Their team called for him to be suspended for multiple games, all kinds of people called for him to be suspended for multiple games," Gillis said.

for more on this, go here. is offering FREE shipping on Ref You Suck t-shirts ordered during the Playoffs. Enter coupon code "gamekillers" during checkout!

Friday, April 8, 2011

REF YOU SUCK! 50 shirt give-away @ Honda Center

We had a great time meeting all of you Ducks fans before the Sharks VS Ducks game! Thanks to all 50 of you for showing up to our secret spot and representing Ref You Suck! at the game. It means a lot to us to see the shirts in the arenas because that is why we made them! Here are a few pics from the event.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bad calls = free shirts for 50 Anaheim Duck fans


To pay tribute to what is being called "the worst NHL officiated game all season" Ref You Suck! Will be giving away 50 FREE t-shirts before the Ducks VS Sharks game at the Honda Center on Wednesday, April 7th.

For those of you going to this game, please email refusuck@gmail(dot)com for the secret location. The location will be announced at 5pm on Wednesday. Due to the strange and unusual event that happened last year at the Honda Center, there will be NO PROTEST BEFORE THE GAME. We aren't trying to get banned again!

If you would like to help us distribute the shirts to the fans, make sure to mention it in your email.

Media inquiries: please contact

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ott incensed by Heatley’s ‘cheap shot’ waaaaahhhhhh!

photo by

article by Allan Maki

As strange as it sounds, add Steve Ott’s name to the growing list of NHL players who want action taken against head shots.

Ott, the Dallas Stars’ irascible, oft-suspended forward, was on the receiving end of a head-high elbow in Tuesday’s game against the San Jose Sharks. Dany Heatley was called for interference on the play but not elbowing.

After the game, which included other head-shot incidents, Ott said he expected the NHL to review what he called “Heatley’s little cheap shot.”

“If this doesn't get looked at, I don't know. I guess when you're used to being on the other end and being suspended in the past, I think it's pretty evident where this stuff should go in a hurry,” Ott told reporters. “I don't care if Heatley makes $10-million or ([Sharks’ defenceman Doug] Murray makes less, it's time to get this out of the game as fast as we can. Protect the guys. We're going to have guys that are going to be icing heads now. You only have one brain, so let's honestly start figuring something out.”

read the rest of the story here

comment by Ref You Suck!:
Hey Dany- if you ever get this opportunity again, please make sure your elbow hits his mouth. Thanks!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

NHL referees: consistently inconsistent (unless you're a Red Wing)

Being a hockey fan in Southern CA, I try to keep up with with west and watch the insanely close playoff race. A few times a year, the Red Wings come to town. We all know a Red Wings fan, right? They dust off their red jersey and pretend to know hockey when the Wings come to town- who knows if they even follow hockey beyond that? From the comments I overheard from various Red Wing fans around me (Anaheim Ducks VS Red Wings) I have come to the conclusion that these guys are complete tools. They think every bad call from the ref is a great call, they think that every hit from the opposing team is a dirty hit (and should be penalized) and the worst part is- they are quite belligerent about it.

I also watched the game a couple nights earlier against the LA Kings. Now I know the Kings were not on their game that night, but once again- the zebras made sure the Red Wings felt right at home. Check out the commentary by Kings Cast.

#86 Brad Lazarowich carrying his Red Wings chum.

The calls against Anaheim were 9 compared to 4 against the Red Wings. If you watched the game as close as I did, they missed about 10 more penalties against the Wings plus the numerous gift-penalties the Wings could not convert on (ie nearly 2 minutes of 5 on 3 and the too many men penalty in the final seconds before OT)

Chris Lee- admitted Red Wing fan

I hate to be the bitter a-hole crying about unfair officiating but I bet if you could poll hockey players on what team gets away with the most- #1 would be Detroit, #2 would be the Pens (when Sid the kid is on the ice) REF YOU STILL SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

NHL suspends three players, fines Islanders after brawl-filled game

Saturday night the NHL handed down its discipline for the various brawls and altercations between the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Islanders Friday night that featured 346 penalty minutes including 21 misconducts, both game and 10-minute.

Three players have been suspended, Trevor Gilles and Matt Martin from New York and Eric Godard from Pittsburgh, and the Islanders have been fined $100,000 in what can only be viewed as the NHL making a statement about this level of in-game violence. (If somehow you managed to not see some of the highlights of this one, Greg Wyshynski and the folks over at Puck Daddy have a nice wrap up.)

From the NHL's news release:

New York Islanders forward Trevor Gillies has been suspended for nine games for delivering a blow to the head and then administering several punches to the Penguins' Eric Tangradi, who was injured by Gillies' actions; Matt Martin has been suspended for four games as a result of delivering several punches from behind to an unsuspecting opponent (the Penguins' Max Talbot); and Penguins forward Eric Godard was suspended automatically for 10 games under Rule 70.11 for leaving the players' bench for the purpose of engaging in an altercation.
In addition to the suspensions, Gillies will lose $24,193.53 in salary; Martin will forfeit $41,585.36 (repeat offender); and Godard $40,322.25. The Islanders organization has also been fined $100,000...
"The actions by the Islanders' Gillies and Martin were deliberate attempts to injure by delivering blows to the head of players who were unsuspecting and unable to defend themselves," said Campbell. "The message should be clear to all players: targeting the head of an opponent by whatever means will be dealt with by suspension.
"With respect to the Godard suspension, there can be no circumstance that allows for a player to leave his bench for the purpose of coming to the aid of a teammate.
"The Islanders also must bear some responsibility for their failure to control their players," Campbell added.

Earlier this week, the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens played a heated, fight-filled game with 182 penalty minutes and across the league, games where rivalries boil over are occurring with greater frequency. Granted while the Bruins 8-6 win over the Canadiens was also penalty-filled it didn't have the same tone as the Islanders' 9-3 win against the Penguins.

read entire story here

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ugly records in the NHL - Longest Suspensions!

30 Games

Chris Simon of the New York Islanders, for stomping on the leg of Pittsburgh's Jarko Ruutu in December, 2007. It is the seventh suspension of Simon's NHL career.

  • The Rest Of The Season (minimum 25 games)
    Chris Simon of the New York Islanders, for a slash to the face of the Rangers' Ryan Hollweg in March, 2007. Simon misses 15 regular season games plus all of the Islanders' playoff games. The suspension carries over to 2007-08 if necessary to meet the 25-game minimum.

  • The Rest Of The Season (23 games)
    Marty McSorley of the Boston Bruins, for knocking out Vancouver's Donald Brashear by swinging a stick at his head in March, 2000. McSorley misses 23 regular season games.

  • The Rest Of The Season (20 games)
    Todd Bertuzzi of the Vancouver Canucks, for serious injuries sustained by Colorado's Steve Moore when Bertuzzi jumped him from behind in March, 2004. Bertuzzi misses 13 regular season games, plus seven playoff games. His suspension is listed as indefinite, but the following season is cancelled due to a labor dispute and he is allowed to return when the NHL resumes in the fall of 2005.

  • 25 Games
    Jesse Boulerice of the Philadelphia Flyers, for a crosscheck to the face of Vancouver's Ryan Kesler in October, 2007.

  • 23 Games
    Gordie Dwyer of the Tampa Bay Lightning, for abusing officials and leaving the penalty box to fight in a pre-season game against the Washington Capitals in September, 2000.

  • 21 games
    Dale Hunter of the Washington Capitals, for a hit on Pierre Turgeon of the New York Islanders while Turgeon celebrates a goal in the 1993 playoffs.

  • 20 games
    Steve Downie of the Philadelphia Flyers, for deliberately targeting the head with a body check on Ottawa's Dean McAmmond in September, 2007.

  • 20 games
    Tom Lysiak of the Chicago Blackhawks, for intentionally tripping a linesman in October, 1983.

  • 20 games
    Brad May of the Phoenix Coyotes, for a slash to the head of Columbus' Steve Heinze in November, 2000.

  • 16 games
    Eddie Shore of the Boston Bruins, for hitting Toronto's Ace Bailey over the head with his stick in 1933.

  • 15 games (3 regular season, 12 playoff)
    Maurice Richard of the Montreal Canadiens, for knocking down linesman Cliff Thompson during a scuffle with Boston's Hal Laycoe in March, 1955.

  • 15 games
    Wilf Paiement of the Colorado Rockies, for swinging his stick and hitting Detroit's Dennis Polonich in the face in October, 1978.

  • 15 games
    Dave Brown of the Philadelphia Flyers, for cross-checking Tomas Sandstrom of the New York Rangers across the face and breaking his jaw in November, 1987.

  • 15 games
    Tony Granato of the Los Angeles Kings, for slashing Pittsburgh's Neil Wilkinson in February, 1994.

  • 13 games
    Wayne Maki of the St. Louis Blues and Ted Green of the Boston Bruins, for swinging their sticks at each other in September, 1969.

  • 13 games
    Andre Roy of the Tampa Bay Lightning, for leaving the penalty box and physically abusing an official while trying to engage players in the New York Rangers' penalty box in April, 2002.

  • 12 games
    Brantt Myhres of the San Jose Sharks, for leaving the bench to attack Mattias Norstrom of the Los Angeles Kings in February, 1999.

  • 12 games
    Matt Johnson of the Los Angeles Kings, for deliberately injuring the New York Rangers' Jeff Beukeboom in November, 1998. Beukeboom suffered a concussion and never played again.

  • 12 games
    Ron Hextall of the Philadelphia Flyers, for attacking Montreal's Chris Chelios during a playoff game in May, 1989.

  • 12 games
    David Shaw of the New York Rangers, for high-sticking Pittsburgh's Mario Lemieux in October, 1988

  • 11 games
    Owen Nolan of the San Jose Sharks, for a hit to the head of the Dallas Stars' Grant Marshall in February, 2001.

  • 11 games (3 playoff, 8 regular season)
    Tie Domi of the Toronto Maple Leafs, for knocking out Scott Niedermayer with an elbow to the head during the 2001 playoffs. Domi was suspended for the balance of the playoffs and the first eight games of the following season.

  • 10 games
    Jimmy Mann of the Winnipeg Jets, for sucker-punching Pittsburgh's Paul Gardner in January, 1982.

  • 10 games
    Ruslan Salei of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, for hitting Dallas' Mike Modano from behind in October, 1999.

  • 10 games
    Scott Niedermayer of the New Jersey Devils, for hitting Florida's Peter Worrell in the head with his stick in March, 2000.

    Source: Canadian Press

  • Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    Sid the kid- a baby, or Captain Canada?

    By Shannon Proudfoot, Postmedia News

    Sidney Crosby: Humble Canadian superstar who carries his team on his back through big games and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty in the corners, or prima donna who lived in Mario Lemieux's house just a little too long and whines to the refs about a paper cut?

    Pundits and fans have branded the Pittsburgh Penguins captain with both reputations over his six seasons in the National Hockey League, and a new study examines those different versions of Sid the Kid and how Canadians see their national identity reflected in him -and those Tim Hortons commercials.

    "He is celebrated as the saviour of hockey. There's a lot invested in him as the replacement to Wayne Gretzky and in terms of national identity. It's been a long time since we've had a true Canadian superstar hockey player that we can rest a lot of national hopes on," says Kristi Allain, a sociologist at Trent University in Peterborough, Ont.

    "The way he's presented in the media, in some ways, tells a story about what we think it means to be Canadian: hardworking, honest, softspoken, polite, tough when we need to be, fair."

    For this study, Allain combed through newspaper and online articles, Hockey Night in Canada and Coach's Corner broadcasts and online fan comments during the 2008-09 season, which culminated in Pittsburgh winning the Stanley Cup.

    The official version of Sidney Crosby is the best of Canadian identity on skates, she says, with No. 87 lauded as a hardworking, heartfilled role model who's attained near-superhero status since scoring the "Golden Goal" at the Vancouver Olympics a year ago.

    But at the same time, some fans and pundits have critiqued Crosby as "a whiny, emasculated character who is dependant on his paternalistic relationship with Mario Lemieux," Allain writes.

    Gretzky was the target of similar criticism during his career.

    Coach's Corner host Don Cherry scornfully dubbed Crosby "Golden Boy" when he first entered the league and criticized him for "yapping at the referees" and not knowing his place. (This is not the first academic paper to cite Cherry; others have examined francophones, immigrants and discrimination in hockey.) HBO's four-part series 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic aired earlier this year, offering unprecedented access to players and on-ice action, including a front-row seat for a shrieking, profanity-laced tirade Crosby let fly on a referee over a disputed play.

    "His role as the redeemer of professional hockey has not been without challenges," Allain notes mildly.

    sidney crosby gq

    But Tim Hortons and Crosby -who appears in the coffee chain's commercials and is spokesman for their Timbits minor hockey program -go together like a double-double and a cruller when it comes to Canadian identity, she found. The company's ads with the hockey star are packed with pine-trees-and-snow Canadiana, depicting a nation "full of unassuming heroes who are either oblivious or at least unchanged by their celebrity status," Allain writes.

    "If Canadians were looking for a pro athlete to be proud of and to be an ambassador for their game, Sidney is the perfect guy," says Garry Galley, a former NHL player and Hockey Night in Canada analyst.

    "His passion for the sport -which is a religion in Canada almost -is similar to what Wayne's was."

    read the entire story here

    Monday, February 7, 2011

    Saturday, February 5, 2011

    Should players be punished for using the F-word towards officials?

    ARSENE WENGER says players should not be punished for f-word abuse of officials.

    LOUD AND PROUD ... Gunners boss Wenger
    LOUD AND PROUD ... Gunners boss Wenger

    The Arsenal manager yesterday launched his astonishing defence of skipper Cesc Fabregas after his tunnel blow-up on Tuesday.

    Fabregas had angrily accused Everton players of paying referee Lee Mason.

    Wenger said: "Take the 20 captains of the Premier League and then try to convince me that not one of them says something to a referee for the whole team.

    "You have people who say 'f*** off' to the referee in front of the camera and it doesn't shock anybody. It doesn't shock you.

    "You now have the example of Gary Neville who has retired - fantastic player, fantastic career. You think he has never talked in the tunnel?

    "You have to be normal and to have a little bit of tolerance as well with what is happening in the tunnel.

    "I would like the media to talk about what is really important in football. What is important to people is that the right decisions are made on the football pitch.

    "When I go on Sunday for a walk, I see football played in the park. If you record what is said there, you can make an article every day in every newspaper for everybody who is on the football pitch.

    "It's part of football as well to be a little bit free to talk. 'Come on, what the f*** have you done there, give me the ball?' It's part of football.

    "One of the problems of the modern game is that the media picks out one incident of the game but for me this incident is minor and then you have to speak about this for days and days, something which didn't influence the result of the game.

    "What influenced the result of the game was that the goal was offside."

    He added: "It doesn't affect Cesc. It is a minor incident. The only thing that affects Cesc is 'Can we win the next game?'

    "I'm always suprised that we do not pick up on people who run behind him and just kick him.

    "They get away with it and he is accused of something, which cannot be right if you love football.

    "He gets a rough ride in every single game."

    Wenger does not give a hoot about the storm over Fabregas's latest scrape.

    He said: "People are much more intelligent than you think.

    "They watch what happens on the football pitch. Do they like it? Yes or no I can accept that.

    "But you do not cheat people. Do you really think a guy in a village in India will not like Arsenal anymore because David Moyes said Cesc Fabregas is supposed to have said something to the referee?

    read the entire story

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    - The BallHyped Team

    NHL Ref Chris Rooney Voice Fail video

    This was too good to pass up. Major voice fail (the one time the mic actually works)

    Friday, January 28, 2011

    USDA: Super Bowl party tips

    official press release by the U.S.D.A.

    Look out folks, the government has a few things to say about your grill, your food, and how to eat it at your Super Bowl Party. Oh yeah, they even used words that you sports people can understand. Nice!

    Release No. 0034.11
    Donna Karlsons (301) 344-4764
    Catherine Cochran (202) 720-9113

    USDA: "Referee a Safe Super Bowl Party"

    WASHINGTON—Jan. 27, 2011— When it comes to the Super Bowl, defense matters. When it comes to planning a Super Bowl XLV party, a good defense against foodborne illness matters even more.

    "This year, we're urging fans to follow the food safety play book at the Super Bowl parties they host," USDA Under Secretary for Food Safety Dr. Elisabeth Hagen said. "Large gatherings can increase the chance of becoming ill, but by following these rules all fans can enjoy the game and their food, safely."

    Illegal use of hands

    Avoid penalties for "illegal use of hands." Unclean hands are one of the biggest culprits for spreading bacteria, and finger foods at parties are especially vulnerable. Chefs and guests should wash their hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds before and after handling food. Also, be sure to clean eating surfaces often, and wash serving platters before replenishing them with fresh food.


    Think of your party fare as two different teams—uncooked versus ready-to-eat foods. Prevent "encroachment" at all costs and keep each team in its own zone. The juices from raw meat can contain harmful bacteria that cross-contaminate other food. Use one cutting board for raw meat and poultry and another one for cutting veggies or foods that will not be cooked. If you use only one cutting board, wash it with hot soapy water after preparing each food item.

    Equipment violations and holding

    Call a "time out" and use a food thermometer to be sure meat and poultry are safely cooked. Remember that internal temperature, not meat color, indicates doneness. Steaks should be cooked to 145 °F, ground beef should be cooked to 160 °F, and all poultry should be cooked to 165 °F.

    "Holding" may be one of the most likely offenses your referee encounters if your party lasts late into the night. Never hold foods for more than two hours at room temperature. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers promptly to block offensive bacteria from multiplying. The same rules apply for cold foods. If cold food has been sitting out for more than two hours, do not eat it. When in doubt, throw it out of the game—and your party.

    False start

    When it comes to foodborne illness, there is no opportunity for an instant replay. To avoid these infractions, make sure you understand the rules completely. One of the best resources available before kickoff is USDA's virtual representative, "Ask Karen," available at Food safety coaches are available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET on the "Ask Karen Chat" and by phone at the USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline, 1-888-MPHotline (1-888-674-6854). Recorded messages are available 24 hours a day.

    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    Goonies meet Jody Shelley (sloth)

    Philly fans have a love/hate relationship with Shelley. His goon qualities seem to fit right in to the Flyers reputation but it seems like modern day goonery has a hard time staying in Bettman's NHL.

    Enjoy our version of Jody Shelly.

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    NHL fines Lombardi $50K for outburst

 admin comment:
    I think just about any sports fan could tell you the same thing on this "good goal". Even an honest Coyotes fan would take this one back if they could. The picture says it all folks, The stick obviously makes contact with the puck above the crossbar. The NHL should be explaining how their review team in Toronto could miss this on the replay. Instead they are fining LA Kings GM $50K for his comments.
    That's how it goes in Gary Bettman's NHL. Don't worry, more bad calls to come.


    (with files)

    NEW YORK -- Los Angeles Kings general manager Dean Lombardi was fined $50,000 by the NHL on Friday for his comments about league vice-president Mike Murphy.

    Upset that a disputed goal was allowed to stand in a 2-0 loss to Phoenix on Thursday, Lombardi told a reporter who works for the team's website that Murphy wouldn't give the Kings a favourable call because he once lost out on the GM job in Los Angeles.

    That earned Lombardi both a hefty fine, plus a sharp rebuke from commissioner Gary Bettman.

    "There is no acceptable explanation or excuse for commentary challenging the integrity of the league's hockey operations department in general or Mike Murphy, in particular," Bettman said in a release.

    "People can disagree with a call by an official on the ice or an official in the situation room in Toronto, but even in instances of the utmost frustration there is no justification for speaking as inappropriately and irresponsibly as Mr. Lombardi did."

    The Kings GM accepted full responsibility for his actions, phoning Murphy on Friday to offer a personal apology.

    "I spoke to the commissioner today and he made it very clear to me that my actions last night were inappropriate and detrimental to the game," Lombardi said in a statement. "There is no question that his assessment is correct and the punishment fits the crime. Just as important, I apologized to Mike Murphy this morning and I sincerely appreciate his willingness to accept my apology.

    "Like the team must learn from its mistakes, the GM has to learn from his mistakes as well."

    Murphy played for the Kings during his NHL career and is a former coach of the team. He is currently in charge of goal reviews for the league.

    "Mike Murphy is a devoted caretaker of the game," said Bettman. "His commitment to the National Hockey League, all 30 of its clubs -- and to the game -- is beyond challenge, question or debate.

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