Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RefYouSuck.com helping kids play hockey

Ref You Suck™ Helping Kids Play Hockey

For Immediate Release

Orange County, Ca (Oct. 19, 2010) - Orange County based apparel company, Ref You Suck™, has found many of it's biggest fans on and around the ice rink. As a way to give back to the sport that has helped them grow into the company they are today, Ref You Suck™ has made a commitment to donate $3 of every T-shirt sold to the Assist2Play Fundraiser.

Founders of Ref You Suck™ recently met a talented, dedicated, and hardworking hockey player who has played his whole life and currently plays for the Long Beach Bombers, a Jr. ‘A’ team. This level of hockey requires a significant amount of funding each season to play. Due to the bad economy, his parents can no longer afford to support his dream and passion of becoming a professional hockey player. Ref You Suck™ decided to help by hiring him in order to assist with financing his dream. This lead to the Assist2Play Fundraiser.

Ref You Suck™ will now donate $3 to Assist2play every time we sell a t-shirt! You can also donate directly to the fund here. We hope you can help us make a difference in this young athletes career. Let's keep him on the ice, donate today!


About Assist2play

Sports provide a healthy physical outlet for kids, teaching them lifelong character building skills. Unfortunately, many kids are unable to play sports due to financial hardships. Assist2Play Fundraiser was created to help well deserving kids in Orange County participate in the sports they love in order to provide them with the opportunity to gain important life skills. Let’s assure more kids get to keep playing. Any donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated!

Play Today For A Successful Tomorrow
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