Monday, January 31, 2011 Presents the Super Sucky Sweepstakes Presents the Super Sucky Sweepstakes

Super Bowl Week is here and it’s time to kick off our next giveaway: the Super Sucky Sweepstakes, sponsored by

Our first BallHyped giveaway was such a success, with @JustinDOY and @philrsquared winning an NHL Guardian jersey and a Guardian Project Graphic Novel, respectively, we've decided to go even bigger for the Super Bowl.

Ref You Suck Shirt

15 yards for a sucky contest!

This week, BallHyped will be giving away RefYouSuck swag to the members who:

  • Pick the winning team and score of Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers.
  • Hype the best blog post to the new “Super Bowl” category on
  • Write the best guest post leading up to the Super Bowl for the Straight Ballin’ Blog. If you have a unique guest post you’d like featured on the official BallHyped blog, email us at
  • Have the best takes during’s live Super Bowl blog, which we’ll be posting a link to this weekend.

So start submitting your Super Bowl posts, scores and takes, and be sure to check back at all week for more on the Super Sucky Sweepstakes.

BallHyped will also be producing unique Super Bowl content, including Q&As with bloggers who cover the Packers and Steelers throughout the year, so stay tuned for those …

- The BallHyped Team

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