Thursday, March 3, 2011

NHL referees: consistently inconsistent (unless you're a Red Wing)

Being a hockey fan in Southern CA, I try to keep up with with west and watch the insanely close playoff race. A few times a year, the Red Wings come to town. We all know a Red Wings fan, right? They dust off their red jersey and pretend to know hockey when the Wings come to town- who knows if they even follow hockey beyond that? From the comments I overheard from various Red Wing fans around me (Anaheim Ducks VS Red Wings) I have come to the conclusion that these guys are complete tools. They think every bad call from the ref is a great call, they think that every hit from the opposing team is a dirty hit (and should be penalized) and the worst part is- they are quite belligerent about it.

I also watched the game a couple nights earlier against the LA Kings. Now I know the Kings were not on their game that night, but once again- the zebras made sure the Red Wings felt right at home. Check out the commentary by Kings Cast.

#86 Brad Lazarowich carrying his Red Wings chum.

The calls against Anaheim were 9 compared to 4 against the Red Wings. If you watched the game as close as I did, they missed about 10 more penalties against the Wings plus the numerous gift-penalties the Wings could not convert on (ie nearly 2 minutes of 5 on 3 and the too many men penalty in the final seconds before OT)

Chris Lee- admitted Red Wing fan

I hate to be the bitter a-hole crying about unfair officiating but I bet if you could poll hockey players on what team gets away with the most- #1 would be Detroit, #2 would be the Pens (when Sid the kid is on the ice) REF YOU STILL SUCK!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You, are an idiot for even thinking that!! You are just like all the other SoCal fans!! Wasn't it the Ducks that won a game against the Wings a few years back AFTER the puck hit the netting?? You seem to forget about that!! The Ducks are one of the most penalized teams in the league for a reason!! Did you even see the disparity in penalties between the Shark and Wings in last year's playoffs?? It was nearly 3-1 for the SHARKS!

  2. and that no goal last night against the sharks... was that the refs showing favoritism towards the wings?

    The reason why Red Wings fans think every hit is dirty is because no one on the Red Wings this year really hits or hits very hard. If they only watch Wings games all you see are the guys in red get plastered with out much retaliation.

    The wings play a clean game. That's why they don't get many penalties.

  3. Dude, you're so dumb...

    The Red Wings don't take penalties because they play clean, European hockey. That's also why hardly anyone on the team hits: they don't need to. When you have guys like Datsyuk and Zetterberg to move the puck around and guys like Holmer, Franzen, Bertuzzi or Helm to make room, you don't need big hitters because the open ice is there already.

    That's what hockey's all about: finding open space and getting the puck at the net. And the Wings have been able to do that with a minimal physical game for the last decade.

    p.s. the referees are equally terrible towards all teams. Many Detroit fans like to think the refs really hate them, but it's every team. Just watch the Playoffs any given year. Every single series produces at least five horribly questionable calls.

    p.p.s. Just because you met five douchebag Wings fans doesn't mean they are all like that. Just like how the six Duck fans I met at the Pavilion who were absolute knobgobblers don't represent every Ducks fan, neither do those few Wings fans represent every Wings fan. Don't be an ignorant douche and act like they do.

  4. If you watched the Islanders / Jets game on 2/14/2012 you would think the refs were taking bribes. Why cant the refs call a consistent game for both sides??


    1. FYI, I been watching hockey for 30+ years

  5. Not only are the red wings the holder of 11 cups and being part of the original six; Detroit is known for having an elite AAA hockey program which has produced countless professionals. To say we're bandwagon hockey fans is just pure ignorance. But this laughable, especially coming from someone in southern California, so I forgive you.