Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jeremy Roenick takes on NHL playoff referees


Think what you will about Jeremy Roenicks commentaries on Versus during the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. I personally like to mute (or fast forward) the TV during intermission!
I'm sure he was hired to be the edgy retired NHL'er opinion that goes against the grain---blahblahblah... He usually doesn't add much to the topics being discussed in my opinion until he said this:

Props to you Mr. Roenick. The officiating in this years NHL Stanley Cup playoffs have been awful. Half the games they seem to be calling anything while the other half they seem to ignore EVERYTHING. The League needs to somehow make these guys accountable for their inconsistency. There is nothing more frustrating than watching the stripes give one side all the calls. Maybe if more of these commentators and announcers started to speak up, the outraged fans would start to act on it. Disgusted fans won't by NHL merch or buy tickets to the games. Keep pissing of the fans and you'll see what happens. More empty arenas and more teams claiming BK.

C'mon Bettman- This is why you make the big bucks.


  1. The NHL refs are making the greatest game on earth into a game for thugs.
    What is with all the cross checking?? What I see in the Boston/Vancouver stanley cup finals warrants a major penalty and sometimes a match penalty. I believe in letting the players jostle shoulder-to-shoulder in front of the net, but any cross-checking should be penalized with minor, majors, and match penaltys.
    I have played contact hockey against Biker gangs and saw only 1/10 the stickwork I have see every shift in the NHL final. I am disgusted. Who wants their kids playing hockey if that is how the game is played.
    I think we are likely seeing NHL players retire early, just because the thugs are making it a dangerous place to be.
    I think old-timer hockey is also losing players because of the cross-checking in front of the net.
    The only time you don't see cross-checking is in the pick-up games when there are no refs. And yet the good natured shoulder to shoulder jostling goes on.
    The sports commentators on CBC keep expressing their disbelief that penalties are not being called, but the lack of calls goes on.
    Clean it up, before a great game is distroyed.