Friday, July 9, 2010

COACH YOU SUCK! Baseball Coach Charged With Punching Son At Game

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) ― A Pennsylvania youth baseball coach is facing a simple assault charge for allegedly hitting his 9-year-old son after the boy was ejected from a game.

Police charged Ray Boudreau of suburban Harrisburg after he allegedly struck his son twice in the face with a closed fist at Monday's game.

Boudreau's lawyer Brian Perry says Boudreau handled the situation poorly, but claims he struck the boy on the back.

Boudreau has a hearing scheduled July 27.

Court papers say the umpire and scorekeeper called police, who arrested Boudreau at his Enola home. An officer says he observed redness on the boy's face.

Perry says Boudreau spent Monday night in jail. He says the boy was ejected for throwing his helmet after being thrown out at third base.

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  1. So many men around and no one punched him in the face? Pathetic. Let the cops handle it? This a microcosm of today's society in general, weak.
    A grown man, punching a child showing what a coward he is and no one responding to a child being abused, equally as cowardly.