Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hockey arena bans REF YOU SUCK t-shirts

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The Ref Rally-
About 25 fans showed up for our little anti-ref rally tonight. We lost 6 ppl to bad traffic but we had a great time holding our signs and chanting ref you suck to the crowds walking in. We even had a blind hockey ref join us- his sign said, "sorry about the bad calls!!" Thanks- Rich. I will post the videos asap.

The shirt ban-
After the rally, we headed for the Honda Center. What happened next it troubling. It seems that the security was asked to watch out for "ref you suck" shirts and not allow them inside. I AM TOTALLY SERIOUS (and have witnesses to prove it) We were asked to walk away from the line (about 20 ft away). A bunch of well dressed security guards surrounded us. At first I didn't understand what was happening- but one of the guards told us that "Ref You Suck" was now banned from the arena. "If they allowed "ref you suck" they would also have to allow "Carlyle you suck" or "Kings you suck" and King fans might wear "ducks you suck" (the whole time, I'm thinking ummm- those are lame ideas)
So my question is why the "new rule" ? We asked what they would do to the fans who chant "ref you suck"?? They said there is nothing they can do if the crowd says it. Now I'm really confused. You see, the refs can hear the chant but I really seriously doubt the refs are reading the shirts in the 400's. The so-called ban just pisses off some of their most loyal supporters/customers. Almost everyone who showed up to march were season seat holders. These are people who go to almost every game, spend tons of money on crappy food, over-priced draft beer, and $5 bags of popcorn (some of them even get the $8 zebra popcorn) My point is- why do they want to mess with some of their best customers? When we chant "REF YOU SUCK" it isn't anti-Ducks or anti-NHL. It is actually a chorus of massive support for a team who has been sucking ass (up until tonight) We also heard that security took Ref You Suck! stickers away from kids in line and trashed them. Who made this call?? I would love to know.

Hockey ref you suck

I hope this "ban" on a sport fans free speech pisses you off. I hope it makes you want to buy an extra shirt. I hope it makes you wear it under your jersey every time you go to the game- I know i will.

Honda Center You Suck!

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